Peer Review Process

The Journal of Sustainable Infrastructure (JSI) is dedicated to ensuring that all published articles meet the highest standards of quality and integrity. A rigorous and transparent peer review process is essential to achieve this goal. The process is designed to maintain the anonymity of reviewers and authors, ensuring unbiased evaluation. Here is a detailed overview of the peer review process at JSI:

  1. Submission: Upon receiving a manuscript, the JSI editorial team performs an initial assessment to ensure that the submission aligns with the journal's scope and guidelines. If deemed suitable, the manuscript proceeds to the peer review stage; otherwise, it may be returned to the author for refinement or redirected.
  2. Selection of Reviewers: The Editorial Board identifies a minimum of two qualified reviewers for each manuscript. These reviewers are experts in the relevant field and have no conflicts of interest related to the manuscript or its authors. Reviewers are invited to evaluate the manuscript, and upon their acceptance, they are provided with review guidelines and a deadline.
  3. Review Process: Reviewers evaluate the manuscript based on its originality, methodological rigor, relevance to the field, clarity, and contribution to knowledge. They provide detailed feedback, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and areas that need improvement or clarification.
  4. Recommendations: Once the review is complete, reviewers provide one of the following recommendations:
  • Accept without revisions: The manuscript is of high quality and requires no further changes.
  • Minor revisions: The manuscript has minor issues that can be addressed quickly.
  • Major revisions: The manuscript requires significant changes before it can be accepted.
  • Reject: The manuscript does not meet JSI's standards or is not suitable for publication in the journal.
  1. Editorial Decision: The JSI editorial team collates the reviewers' feedback and recommendations to make a final decision. Authors are provided with the reviewers' anonymous comments and are informed of the decision. If revisions are required, authors must address all comments and resubmit the revised manuscript by a specified deadline.
  2. Revision and Resubmission: For manuscripts requiring revisions, the revised version is reviewed either by the original reviewers or new ones to ensure that all concerns have been addressed adequately. The process might involve multiple rounds of revision, depending on the nature of the changes and feedback received.
  3. Final Decision: Once the revisions are deemed satisfactory, the manuscript is accepted for publication. The editorial team then proceeds with the final editing, formatting, and production processes.
  4. Post-Publication Review: JSI believes in continuous improvement. Even after publication, readers and members of the scientific community can raise concerns or provide feedback on articles. If substantial issues arise, JSI may undertake post-publication reviews, potentially leading to corrections, retractions, or other necessary actions.